Saturday, June 22, 2013

Picnics on the Lawn: How to 'Make' Strawberry Cheesecake

So it's May Ball season again.  May Balls in June?  Apparently, yes.

Here's how to impress, in between games of croquet and the ubiquitous champagne-fuelled festivities - 'make' a cheesecake.

Now, we all know students haven't got much time for cooking. So - don't cook!  Buy a basic, 'value' plain vanilla cheesecake and a punnet of strawberries. 

You do have to wash, hull and halve the strawberries.  Put them in a bowl and sprinkle with a little sugar.  Cover the bowl and leave for half an hour or so.

Put the cheesecake on a plate.  Cover with strawberries (decoratively, if possible - it's more impressive that way).  If there are any strawberries over, lean them against the side of the cheesecake too.

Et voila!  Quasi-homemade cheesecake with minimum effort.