Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pseudo-Supermum's job is one-third done: Cello-Kid is about to turn 18, and goes to college in just four weeks.  Yes, I do realise we still need to be "there" - even four hundred miles away - but legal adulthood is an important milestone nonetheless.  One down, two to go.

Meanwhile, Viola-Kid is soon undertaking his school work-experience - which will be an interesting experience for him.  But we've still got the exam roller-coasters to get through, so I can't begin to think we're nearly there yet!

And Saxophone-Kid?  A new sax teacher beckons.  Little does he/she know what's in store.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


On Tuesday morning, I rose at 6 am; was in the pool by 7.05 am; and swam until 9 am.  I did my 100 lengths, impeded only by the Grumpy not-very-Old Man who bumped into me twice (or did I bump into him?), while I was doing backstroke.  I didn't look where I was going!!!  (You try looking where you're going, when you're swimming backwards on your back.)  If I did it ONE MORE TIME, he threatened, he would report me and get me ejected from the pool. 

I kept swimming.  Not only do I despise bullies, but I knew that unless he was doing 100 lengths as well, then he would get out of the water before me!  Which he did.

Anyway, that was just a blip.  Having completed the challenge, I leapt out, showered, and headed for home.  Had to forego the bacon butty, as I got caught in the most horrendous traffic jam on the way to the Clyde Tunnel.  Still, I hastily changed, headed for work, and got coffee and a bacon butty at Cowcaddens subway coffee-bar.  Justice had been done!

I arrived at work on an adrenaline high.  Strangely enough, it ebbed away until by noon I was a crumpled, exhausted wreck.  And still I had five more hours to go.  It hadn't occurred to me that normally, I do a day's work, swim at 7 pm, and then go home to subside for the remainder of the evening.  I don't normally swim for two hours, use up my most useful energy, and then attempt to put in a normal day.

Still, I survived through to 5 pm, went home all prepared for a lazy night, and discovered SuperSpouse was too busy to take the boys for their music lessons, so I crawled to Bearsden and back before I could subside into oblivion at home!  That's men for you.  At least (this time), my own old man wasn't grumpy!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Clad in the RNID tee-shirt (don't worry folks, I'll wash it tonight!), I waylaid friends and colleagues at coffee-breaks today, with gratifying results.  Then this evening, went and swam 96 lengths in training for the sponsored swim a week tomorrow.  Actually, doing so many lengths is profoundly boring!  I'll be keeping up swimming as a form of exercise (all those endorphins are good for keeping migraines at bay) - but I won't be maintaining the punishing schedule I've inflicted on myself since March!

I've discovered a flaw in my character - I don't like going up to people to ask them to sponsor me unless they're personal friends of mine.  I'd be hopeless as a charity worker pounding the streets!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's Sunday and time to go and play at Killermont.  I'm a teeny bit ashamed to confess that I propose to don my blue RNID tee-shirt at coffee-time; hopefully I can try to persuade friends to sponsor me for my swim!

The blue shirt doesn't go with my black and pink outfit, carefully chosen to go with my black and pink hood and gown.  Ah, well!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Trying to get noticed?!
I had coffee with Eileen from RNID Scotland, this morning.  She brought with her an RNID tee-shirt, which I can wear while I'm looking for sponsors for this Centenary Swimathon.

So that's 3 new garments in two days - the superskinny swimsuit, the suitable swimsuit, and the RNID tee.  Cinderella is quite excited at these additions to her wardrobe!

She's also rather pleased to note that she has accrued £75 of sponsorship to date. 

Monday, May 23, 2011


Friends, I promised myself a new swimsuit when I achieved a certain weight.  Off I went to the sports shop this lunchtime, but picking a new costume wasn't so easy.  I couldn't decide which size I needed.  The costume I optimistically picked turned out to be distinctly too small when I got it home.

So, wasn't it convenient that the leisure centre sells swimsuits?  Cinderella could have a new costume after all.   Hmmm ... which size did I need?  I concluded this was easy - all I needed was one size UP from the skinny-size which I will keep in a drawer until the next weight milestone.  (2011?  2012?  Who knows!)

Although it looked as though there was a great choice of Speedo costumes there, it turned out that the size I wanted was clearly the size most average women chose, because there was actually only one there.

Finally, finally, I got into my new swimsuit and decided that I had now got it right.  It came as a relief not to be fidgeting with the shoulder straps in an effort to remain decent from beginning to end of my swim, as I'd been forced to do with the old one.

Alas, it was now later than I'd intended.  And I tired sooner than I expected.  All this swimming is tending to reduce the incidence of migraines, but I ended up with one all the same this evening.

80 lengths.  Good enough, but not outstanding.  Still, I'm nearly there.  I'll probably do the 100 lengths on or around 6th or 7th June - just in time for the RNID Centenary on 9th June.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Okay, friends - it's a bit dark, but I asked the lifeguard to take a photo of me in the pool for my RNID sponsored swim challenge.  So, since I've done the humiliation bit, and am now up to 80 lengths in my training, please will you do the generous thing and sponsor me?  Here's a reminder of my JustGiving webpage:-

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A small triumph!

It turns out that Arriva had a link missing from their website - and it just had to be the child 4-weekly pass link.  (Nice of me to flag it up for them, wasn't it?!)  A kind lady got me the old link, which will remain active for the next month or so until they get the new website corrected. 

HALLELUJA!  Justice prevails, and I've got those two passes ordered.  It's a pity about the hiatus caused by the Bank Holiday, but at least it's sorted out now.

I'm just too damn good at spotting inconsistencies in websites!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I buy our sons' monthly bus-passes online.  Well, I have done up to now.  Last night I went to the Arriva website - oh.  Different layout.  Not to worry - it'll be easy to navigate.  But although it was easy to navigate, there were no 4-weekly child savers for West Scotland.  Adult, yes.  Student, yes.  Child (the third option up to now), not at all, nowhere.

  1. Today, I phoned Customer Services (0844 800 44 11) - was advised to phone Newcastle.
  2. Phoned Newcastle (0191 520 4000), was advised to phone back to speak to Margaret who was at lunch.
  3. Phoned Newcastle later, spoke to Margaret - not her pigeon.   'You've been put through to the wrong company.'  Eh?!
  4. Was put through to "Glasgow", which turned out to be Johnstone Bus Garage - nothing to do with online ordering.
  5. Phoned Customer Services again.  This time, got Option 8: Scotland.  Their website was going slow, but they tried to phone Head Office and got no reply.
  6. Phoned Head Office myself.  (08700 404 343) They put me through to "Upstairs", but "Upstairs" wasn't answering.
  7. "Downstairs" advised me to phone "Upstairs" again in the morning.

So that's 24 hours and - still no Child Saver 4-weekly passes.  I could understand them dropping a little-used product, but to the best of my knowledge, parents still have children needing to travel by bus - so what's the problem?!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

THE LIFESTYLE OVERHAUL goes on.  Yesterday I swam 40 lengths, did 50 mins cardio in the gym and got a mega-migraine for my sins.  Migraine relief did nothing at all for me, but paracetamol reduced it to bearable.  Ho-hum.

Today, therefore, with a choral Palm Sunday extravaganza to pull off at night, I thought I'd better not over-indulge in the exercise stakes, in case I brought another migraine on.  So - well, I washed two cars, cut a six-foot high hedge, weeded just about the entire back "garden", dealt with the laundry, cooked, baked - and of course, did the choral extravaganza.  (The two young trumpeters that Cello Kid found for me, were superb, I might add - they really added a touch of sparkle to the proceedings.)

Do I have a headache?  Mercifully, no.  Shoulders protesting mildly, but that's all.

Oh, just one thing, though.  I'm lucky to be alive - I cut through the hedgecutter cable.  What a good thing I was using the circuit-breaker!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Someone has been prowling round my dining-room.   I should maybe set this in context by explaining that I buy a massive amount of food, including tasty snacks, on a Friday night.  But the occupants of Testosterone Manor then devour all the tasty snacks, immediately, unless I hide them.  However, last night "someone" did some research and helpfully left labels for his brother to find. Right.  Luckily, he's not a very good detective, though.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On traffic diversions and teenage back-seat drivers
Clyde Tunnel Roadworks

Traffic Scotland link

They started their repair-work on the Clyde Tunnel approaches yesterday, and by today we were in contraflow with cones all over the place. (See the STV news above.)

So there I am, driving along this morning behind a Council Works van. He went left; I was facing an arrow pointing left and another pointing right, and seemingly no indication that I could jink over to the "wrong" side of the road to proceed northwards on a contraflow.

"Go THAT way", proclaims the TBSD, flapping his hand aimlessly about. I remonstrated that drivers needed precise directions like "left", "right" or "straight on", since I was more concerned with driving than with watching his flapping hand. I turned right. "I told you", insisted the TBSD, "to go THAT way. It was perfectly clear. And now I'm going to miss my train."

It was a close shave by the time I'd gone round three sides of a square and driven right past the station. Which I had to do, since there were cars behind me in this blooming contraflow, and I couldn't just stop. 

But he did catch the train, so I am still alive.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Modern Librarianship?

Someone was trying to come up with an image to sum up modern librarianship.  Trickier than you'd think - electronic databases don't make good pictures!

I had a go at producing my own "still-life" image, and here it is:-

Sunday, February 06, 2011

You know, I can understand why we have world wars.  If even three brothers can't rub along peacefully of a morning, it's hardly surprising if whole nations turn either in on themselves or against each other.

However, all is peaceful after lunch.  My most successful maxim:-

If all else fails, feed them carbs!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Men!  What would we do without them?  Superspouse, thinking I could do with some flowers, brought home a beautiful bunch of roses.  Can't remember if they were prompted by a guilty conscience, but it doesn't actually matter, because they still look lovely three weeks later.  I wonder why?  (The first reusable peace offering?  I've put them away for the next time he needs them.  To be fair, they are so realistic that he didn't actually realise they weren't real...)

Meanwhile, Superwhizz Cello-Kid - not known for his tact - just casually pronounced at the dining-table,

"Of course, you're infertile now, aren't you, Mum?"

When I stopped spluttering - and Viola-Kid regained a straight face - I carefully explained that "infertile" generally meant, of childbearing age but unable to bear children. Whereas I had borne THREE of them, though my reproductive years were probably coming to an end. Thankfully!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Domestic Goddess

  1. Brief sortie to LIDL and PO
  2. 3 loads laundry
  3. 'Made' Angel Delight
  4. Cooked (from scratch) vegetable soup, spaghetti bolognese, apple pie
  5. Brief sortie to Blockbuster
  6. Baked and decorated buns
  7. Half hour scrubbing Cello-Kid's new white sneakers, stupidly worn into town in the snow ...
'I'm so tired', I moaned.
'Can't think why - it's not as though you've done anything much', pronounced SuperSpouse.  Formerly SuperSpouse.  Can I put his pedestal on Freecycle?

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Now hang on a minute!  Who said Glasgow needed more snow?  Oh, I see - it's a re-run of Christmas.  Right, I'll just get the tree down from the attic again ... bake a cake ... good thing Santa's on his holidays, though.