Saturday, August 21, 2010

Once more, Lady Muck sat idly all day today. I imagine she must have just polished her nails and watched TV. She certainly didn't do three loads of washing! Neither did she hang it out, get it in, iron it, and neither, by the same token, did she cut two hedges. The sorcerer's electrical apprentice did it again.

Lady Muck dislikes that apprentice - while she endeavours to laze around pretending to be kept in the style to which she ought to be accustomed, he keeps dragging her into things. It seems he can't do anything unaided.

However, Lady Muck would like it to be known that she did swim 30 lengths all by herself (apart from the efforts of the pool lights, chlorination unit and sundry other services), and, after "helping" the E-apprentice with the hedge-cutting, she now aches all over and is disinclined to do anything else at all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday night - online shopping night. What a bore! I lost the first multishopper list by somehow closing the window while others were open, and had to start over again. Hmph. (And of course, online shopping doesn't count, because no time or effort goes into planning and buying enough groceries for five people for a week!)

Meanwhile the dishwasher chunters, SuperSpouse having filled it earlier. And the washing machine churns - no, don't let it be said that I had anything to do with it - it's running itself, having sorted the washing beforehand. Naturally it will empty itself and hang up the washing on the pulley afterwards, proving SuperSpouse right yet again. The washing machine does the washing, and I don't.

Will the iron do the ironing without human intervention as well? Truly, we have the sorcerer's apprentice here under my roof.