Saturday, July 31, 2010

So - here I am on holiday. How do I squeeze 2 weeks of relaxation, 2 weeks of domesticity and 2 weeks of scholarly reading/writing into - well, 2 weeks? Can't do without sleep - that wouldn't be very relaxing, and would go against getting the other stuff done. Tricky.

Anyway, this is Day 1.

  1. I took boy to hairdresser
  2. Boys' room put back to rights after the cabin/loft bed building (family effort)
  3. Spouse arranged builder
  4. I arranged roller-blind fitter
  5. I arranged replacement mirror for bathroom cupboard
  6. Jointly started emptying the next bedroom for the 3rd and last cabin/loft bed.

Still a bit to do. Dinner; online shopping order; scholarly reading; trip to get ingredients for tomorrow's dinner (before the online shopping order can be delivered!); more tidying; deal with laundry.

There are those who would have it that I'm a self-obsessed scholar who allows SuperSpouse to do Everything about the house. It's not true!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The future is digital. Pseudo Supermum has a digital SLR at last. And you know something? It doesn't remotely resemble my 35mm SLR. I can see a lot of time spent studying the instruction manual before I take any photos on it!

To date, I've

  • Charged & inserted the battery

  • Inserted the memory card

  • Taken ONE photo to prove to myself that I can

  • Installed the software on my PC and registered ownership online

And that felt like enough 'baby steps' for tonight. Meanwhile, Cello-Kid can't wait to get his hands on it (he hopes!) - but I want to know how it works first.

For now, I need to chase Saxophone-Kid to his newly-assembled cabin bed, urge Viola-Kid to have his supper, and think about a glass of wine before our own bedtime.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I am going to SCREAM!

I've worked all day. Visited three shops this evening, put some more plants in the border, altered two new black concert shirts, and done the ironing. And NOW? At a quarter past eleven, I am sick and tired of refereeing between arguing adolescents.

OK, I know, I know. Get real. This is what real teenagers are like. Must they swear at each other with such venom, though?


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yesterday morning, there was a dead bush in my garden. But my neck didn't hurt.

The roots went surprisingly far down, in seemingly all directions.

  • * I couldn't ask SuperSpouse's new knees.
  • * I couldn't ask Cello-Kid to risk his hands.
  • * I couldn't ask Viola-Kid to risk his pride.
  • * I couldn't ask Sax-Kid - insufficient strength.

Which left me.

There is no longer a dead bush in my garden.