Sunday, April 25, 2010

Etiquette prevents me from explaining why I'm having a tantrum. But yes, you're right - I'm in a strop. I was having such a lovely day, and then - boom! - suddenly I wasn't. Aaargh! Who would aspire to be a PseudoSupermum?

So here I am on a dull Sunday afternoon, revelling in the knowledge that I've done my essay-marking. Just six essays, but I'm new to this marking lark, so it felt like quite a big deal to me.

Yesterday was the Musica Scotica conference. I read a paper, which went down surprisingly well.

The paper was actually written several weeks ago, and on Friday night I reduced it to notes so as to prevent myself from reading it verbatim. Then - at 1.10 am! - I read it to SuperSpouse. Calamity. It was too long, but worse still, it was boringly dull. And there was a mistake in one PowerPoint caption, though that was easily remedied. (Good thing SuperSpouse spotted it!)

What was I to do, though? No time to re-write, if I had to sleep before reading the paper a mere 9 hours later. So I stood there with my notes, cheerfully skipping over bits and omitting over-long quotations, and it went just fine. There has to be a lesson there somewhere.

There is a feeling of luxury about a Sunday afternoon with nothing pressing to be done, and comfy slippers on one's feet!

However, I do need to make a casserole for dinner, and ice a birthday cake. So maybe I'll put the kettle on first, then make a start.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just back from Nottingham, where I attended the IAML (UK & Irl) ASW.

'The what?', I hear you ask.

'The International Association of Music Libraries' UK and Ireland Branch, Annual Study Weekend.' There, now you know! So we talked, and networked, and heard papers, had our AGM, and went to a great piano recital on Saturday evening (Roy Howat, Chopin and French composers influenced by Chopin), and the Annual Dinner on Sunday evening.

Back to work today (sigh!), a little tired but otherwise unscathed, and clutching a whole load of trade catalogues etc, from which I passed on details of the books and music I felt we ought to order.

Stuck with 3.5 hours wait at Nottingham Airport, I invested in some career development books -
  • Emma De Vita, The Management Masterclass

  • Jurgen Wolff, Focus: the Power of Targeted Thinking

All went well until I got stuck into Jurgen and his Focus. 'Have you not had a pay-rise in two years?' (0.5 % is probably not what he had in mind ...) I stand condemned. Clearly I am not applying myself to my career development with enough dedication and - well, Focus.

I'll let you know what happens when I've finished the book and worked out what I have to do.