Monday, March 29, 2010

And the Errant One is away again, this time off to Brussels with a fellow tram-fan. (They're welcome - I'd be sight-seeing frantically if I were there!)

So, have I had a quiet, restful time? What do you think?!

Friday - took the day off. Scrubbed the bathroom ceiling (excessive adolescent showering with inadequate ventilation having made it mildewy). Removed the bath sealant (similarly affected). Replaced sealant and whitened grouting. Did supermarket order, got laundry and ironing up to date, and singlehandedly organised the family taxi-runs! (Oh, and allowed myself the pleasurable luxury of lunch out with a girlfriend.) That was Friday.

Saturday, we went to Edinburgh and went underground (Mary King's Close), had a Subway lunch (how apt), and then surveyed Edinburgh from the air - well, the camera obscura, to be precise. By the time we got home, I was knackered, but still had more laundry, catering, family taxi-ing and supervision of music practice. ************

Today - two trips to Bearsden, one to Braehead, laundry, catering, family taxi-ing - much as before. But with the added joy of a special church event organised by Yours Truly - the Killermont Palm Sunday Big Sing.
I've well and truly cracked it this time. Work out what people like - give them it - encourage them to sing their hearts out, and Bob's your uncle! Lots of happy people. Fantastic!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

What a pantomime! I've rushed hither and yon all over the landscape, doing the family taxi-service 'toute-seule' in SuperSpouse's absence.

Did the online supermarket order this evening, too but things came unravelled as I tried to synchronise the shopping order with the new Tesco online diet club thingy. Could I do it? EACH DAILY MENU needed modifying. Then the shopping list changed. Then I had to remember what else I had intended to buy in the first place. Oh, DAMN! I've forgotten teabags.

To make matters worse, I now have a headache and my shoulders are agony. I think I'll just add tea to the order then head to bed. I'm wearying of trying to be the Perfect Parent.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Will I buy wine while I'm in Tesco? No, it's not the weekend. Yes, but I gave a successful lecture today ...

.. and I've now had THREE round trips to Paisley in five hours, AND made a velour-covered top-hat for Saxophone Kid's Dress-as-a-Fictional-Character event at school ...

... supervised the typing of a long homework story, and antagonised another offspring by dictating that we do NOT have the heater on in the bedroom overnight.

Where's that wine?!! Just the usual solitary glass, nothing more. But I do feel I deserve it! (There's a lot to be said for buying a better quality wine that happens to be on half-price special offer, she mused, mellowly.)