Monday, June 29, 2009

... and the printer is on overtime!

I ironed the morning of my wedding; ironed when I went into labour; and ironed when I started printing out my magnum opus last night.

The end isn't in sight yet - I won't have got there until it's fit to be cloth-bound and delivered to the library - but at least I'm heading in the right direction. And that means a trip to get it soft-bound this afternoon.

This morning, I had to go to PC World for more ink, even though I bought two cartridges last week. Sigh! To add to my wish-list of shares in Kleenex, Andrex and Domestos, I want shares in HP. Once I have all this 'spare time', I shall investigate just how FEW shares a person can have!

Friday, June 26, 2009

We have a document!

I'm now, officially, at an impasse, awaiting approval of a couple of little details, before I can print the whole thing out.

So, what does a Pseudo Supermum do now? The laundry washing is up-to-date, though the ironing basket is awaiting attention - and introduction to two new co-workers, who will from henceforth be doing their own.

I could cook. (The invalid has regained his appetite if not all of his mobility.) I could sort out books to return to the library. Or I could drink tea. Such an array of choices!

When I finally print out and submit my document, I have to do something spectacular to celebrate. This isn't celebrating the end of the project, just a crucial point prior to the viva.

I've been wanting to do another collage, and trying to decide what to depict. It had to be something Scottish, but not a cliche'd mishmash of typically Scottish images.

I've decided to interpret one of the plates from the book that SuperSpouse gave me for my Big Birthday last year - William Daniell's Scotland. I'm looking forward to visiting Mandors fabric store!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pseudosupermum is Off the Radar

SuperSpouse went into hospital on Tuesday 9th June for a knee-replacement operation.
He came out on Saturday 13th June, and on Sunday became very sick. We had the doctor out twice in 12 hours. The anti-nausea drugs mean he hasn't thrown up since Sunday night, but he's still in bed, sleepy, weak and nauseous.
The operation was a success - but he's not feeling the benefit in the slightest, because he feels so rough.
I'm off work until he can be left alone. Technically, I'm a carer, according to the local authority definition. Meanwhile, I have given up visiting Facebook, and probably won't post here again until there's some news of distinct improvement. I don't want to clutter up cyberspace with neurotic whingeing!
Friends who think I need cheering up - you're right! - please email me, and I'll be delighted to hear from you.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Looking for Pa's missing hat - that is, the hat that used to belong to my father, but which my son 'inherited' as a prized keepsake - I ended up tidying the clutter of skates and jackets and school-stuff and sports kits in our hallway.

Heck! I've been so busy with this thesis that I've allowed my sons to morph into slobs. A confetti of tiny bits of paper, toys, a guitar pedal, gloves, crumpled worksheets, invitations to an award ceremony!, school photo orders, smelly dishcloths (from domestic science) - and we won't mention the sports kits ...

The washing machine hove into action again. Viola Kid (who was responsible for more than two-thirds of the slobbery) has hoovered the carpet and chucked away loads of redundant pages. Two more washer-loads to go, then all I'm left with is accepting the awards invite and accepting the sad fact that we have lost Pa's precious hat. I fear it went to SmallFry's school for "Wear something funnny" Day. I don't remember saying it could, but it did. And I don't think it returned.

I'm a big grown-up adult with a husband, job and three kids, but I MISS THAT HAT!

Seated one day at the organ, I was weary and ill-at-ease -
PhD, hubby's knee, car ignition -
& the Renfrewshire quarantine - Jeez!
How much stress can a working mum handle:
With these crises all dumped on my plate?
But I'm no' gonnae let them defeat me,
'Cos my thesis must NOT end up late!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Swine Flu Alert!

Viola-Kid has been excluded from school for a week because an S1 pupil that he doesn't even know, tested positive for swine-flu. So, ALL the first years get Tamiflu, and have to stay off school and away from other kids for a week.

I was at a parents' meeting this afternoon (yes, Saturday afternoon) for an official briefing and the Tamiflu. Viola-Kid was not allowed to attend, though there were plenty of little boys hanging around outside the building, eagerly boasting that they were "getting jags". They aren't. Just boring capsules to swallow, which is nothing much to boast about.

We had angry, shouting parents, and as I left, I noticed police on the doors. Saxophone-Kid (who I had to take with me and leave in the car, in the car-park) wondered if any press were there. I wouldn't be surprised. Sax-Kid also told me that one of the little boys was roaming around, trying car doors. I wonder if HE knew about the police presence ...
Fabulous Array of Choices Today!

  • Revise chapter 6
  • Do online Tesco order
  • Hang laundry up INDOORS having dashed out to rescue it from shower
  • Think about lunch
  • "Sheepdog" the boys into getting up and dressed. It's only noon, I s'pose.

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