Sunday, November 30, 2008

In the trade, they call it "putting in a dep". Eh?, I hear you say.

Well, this evening, I had hoped to have the church choir perform Purcell's Evening Hymn. It's a truly beautiful piece of music.

I copied it out. Rehearsed it with them. Just a fortnight before we were to perform it, I discovered that actually, there weren't going to be any ladies available to sing this evening, and the few men weren't keen to become virtual soloists.

No problem - introducing, Plan B. Phone a friend, and persuade his sons to play oboe and cello, and I would still play keyboard.

Until last night. The oboist has broken his ankle. I still have a cellist. Indeed, counting my own son, I have two cellists, but no-one able to play the tune.

We're on Plan C. I shall play oboe, the cellist will still play cello, and my cello-playing eldest son will play keyboard for a change.

The whole aim of the exercise was to showcase other people, not my own family, but it can't be helped. I've promised the minister a beautiful piece of music, and there will be just that.

So - I'd better go and practice!

I've already completely forgotten about my University presentation on Friday night, Roving among the Hebrides, otherwise known as The Alexander Campbell Show. It went very well. Until I got back to the car, late at night, to find both windscreens iced up, three side windows ditto, and one smashed. By the time I'd been to get it repaired it was 2.30 am, so I was asleep by 3 am. Any wonder I've forgotten about Alexander Campbell .....?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The end of a weekend - and I'm shattered.

  • Friday - Mum's taxi to Boys' Brigade and back (2 x 11-mile round trips)
  • Saturday - Shopping Centre for an anniversary gift. (4 mile round trip); Paisley for viola-kid's orchestra (2 x 10-mile round trips); Glasgow for viola-kid's guitar lesson (6-mile trip); Home to tea, then out to a party (not my car).
  • Sunday - church (11-mile round trip); Paisley for sax-kid's wind-band (2 x 10-mile round trips); Glasgow to drop off cello-kid's school stuff. Out to tea (11-mile round trip).

94 miles doing just local running around. You know something? I'm not surprised I haven't had time to do any research, and I'm even less surprised that I don't feel inclined to do any now. I am, truly, knackered. Y-a-w-n!!!


Our youngest son's best friend is half-Chilean, so naturally enough, he speaks Spanish as well as Scots.

"He's taught us some Spanish, Mum!", I was told the other day.

"Oh yes - and what can you say?"

I won't repeat it, but I'm assured it translated as "Chocolate poo". As Viola-Kid commented, that would be of limited use on a Spanish holiday, wouldn't it?
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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Viola-Kid only got out of the shower at 11.30 am - in Govan - and he was meant to be in Paisley with a viola under his chin at 11.45 am. So he turned my car heater and blower on full...

Saturday, November 08, 2008


You wouldn't believe it!

I went to the lecture theatre that I'll be giving my lecture in on Monday, to make sure I could hook up my laptop to the data-projector and sound system. I did it!

I went to the Uni Library to 'self-return' a book. Helped another borrower 'self-issue' a book (because library staff don't start until 13.00 on a Saturday) - wasn't he lucky I'm a librarian at another college?!

And then I went to the supermarket where I couldn't buy a pineapple at the self-check-out. God doesn't barcode pineapples. A guy had to go and fetch me a barcode to scan.

Honestly! After all that clever technological stuff, to be pulled up short by a blooming FRUIT!!! and Morrisons supermarket websites duly acknowledged.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Well, here I am at the end of the weekend. Half of the lecture is written - now I must apply myself for another hour and try to get a few more paragraphs done.

It's so HARD! The laundry keeps creeping up behind me, the boys need taxi-ing hither and yon, shopping has to be done, meals have to appear (I only cook at weekends, so I shouldn't grumble) - and extra little things like ordering books and music, or mending trousers ...

And here I am, feeling increasingly guilty because I really should be writing Chapter 2, but I can't until the lecture is out of the way! I suppose I should be quietly pleased that various software problems are sorted - I've upgraded Adobe Acrobat, which means Moodle works, so I was able to upload a short reading list and lecture introduction for the students. So in that sense at least, I'm ahead of the game. I suppose I'll need to create a PowerPoint as well, though, so I'm not there yet. Sigh! (Or do I mean, squeal ...!!)