Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sound advice (from Monageer Boolavogue Monamolin Amenity Group Newsletter)

We are just back from our Irish holiday in Courtown (near Wexford). I've done eight loads of washing and a MOUNTAIN of ironing since our return. Now for the weekly online shopping. But before that, I'll share this little piece of advice with you - I thought it was good:-

Difficult children, like difficult laundry, can turn out great if given special attention, before the stains set.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gulp! Two of the family passports expired at the end of June. On Tuesday I'll be impoverishing myself getting "same day" renewals. If I was richer, it wouldn't hurt so much! But what else can I do?

There's too much happening this week. Physio. Audiology. Doctoral end-of-year assessment. Preparing for the family holiday.

I was challenged to learn to play the pipes before we went to Fingal's Cave. (In Victorian times, tourists took a piper with them to play in the cave, so they could hear the echo. That's tourism for you!) I want to hear that echo - but I cannae play the pipes! I can get a tune from a chanter. I can fill the pipes with air. But as for getting:-

  • the equivalent of an octopus with rigor mortis under my arm,

  • the pipe into my mouth,

  • three drones over my shoulders,

  • and my fingers round the chanter at the other end of the bag ...

  • and then PLAY the thing ...

... well, how am I supposed to coordinate all that?!