Friday, December 31, 2004

After all the fun and games
... with Pseudo-Supermum's Motor last week, wouldn't you think it would behave itself now? Huh!

Pseudo-Superspouse burnt the iron recently. Last night, I thought I'd go to Asda and buy a new one. The clutch-cable linkage unlinked itself, only a few blocks away from home. I spent half an hour waiting for the breakdown van, and this morning the car was towed away from the house, back round the corner to the nearest garage - who might or might not be able to get a new plastic link connection on New Year's Eve. Of all the times to need a motor-repair! Apparently the broken bit is only made of plastic. Wouldn't you think that the guys who designed Citroens (sorry, guys - I'm pretty sure it would have been a guy) - could have come up with something stronger than plastic?

While without wheels, we'll have to go on foot to LIDL (oh joy) to stock up on essentials for the New Year holiday. Milk, loo-rolls and so on! Not that we haven't enough food in the freezer; it's the basics that we lack!

We can get to church on Sunday by cadging a lift off Superspouse, so it isn't the end of the world if my wheels aren't fixed by then. It's a bit more dire if I have to be late in to work on Wednesday, though.

Latest report on Aged Auntie - I'm sorry to report that she is quite unwell with a cold. All the residents of the rest-home have it, and the doctor has evidently been dispensing antibiotics all round. The illness is making her even more confused - I am now Superspouse's girlfriend, not his wife, and she insists she has no knowledge of our boys. If you come across any charities for Alzheimer's victims - do give generously.

Meanwhile - a very Happy New Year to all friends and blog visitors!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Frustrated Pseudo-Supermum: won't anything go right???!!

I'd have liked to have taken the boys swimming, to get them doing something physical rather than being glued to the Gamecube again. (Honestly, one day I'll go up to their bedroom and find the Gamecube has absorbed them into itself as integral components.)

  • No way. The swimming pool is shut until after Hogmanay.

Anyway, this afternoon we needed to go out to look at a friend's piano. After that we were going to buy Elastoplast for SuperSpouse's cut finger (must be Elastoplast; cheap imitations will not do) - and verruca socks for no.3 son. Without them, he couldn't go swimming at all, whether this week or next.

  • We saw the piano, but it wasn't quite what I wanted.
  • We got the Elastoplast - the only variety of Elastoplast in the shop, nestling amongst oodles of other brands.
  • We eventually tried three chemists before we found the verruca socks. The only pair in the shop, but fortunately in his "Extra Small" size. Thank the Lord for that.

To make up for the boys' frustrating afternoon, I thought I'd take them to a soft-play facility.

  • Ha! When we got there, the premises had been taken over by the neighbouring nursery, and Koko's was no more. Sigh!
Mega-Bloks do some good construction toys along the lines of dragons, castles, ships and so on. Middle Son has several of them, and the top present this year was his Dragon Keep. With a fair bit of help from me - more to encourage perseverance than anything, since he was perfectly capable of doing it himself! - it was finished tonight. It's a beautiful structure. We're looking forward to putting together all the other kits that he has collected over the past year, so we can see it all set up together.

And now research-minded Pseudo-Supermum must stop procrastinating and get on with some amendments for a lengthy research article that I originally wrote some months ago.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Yawn! Pseudo-Supermum is Christmassed out. Three excited little boys had a lovely day yesterday. They were less keen on going to church again today (two days in a row, Mum?), but didn't put up too much protest.

I'm glad I didn't take bets on us getting a White Christmas. I would have bet AGAINST it, out of perversity. And I would have lost. It did snow on Christmas Day, and has been icy and cold again today.

Yesterday morning, I decided I needed my favourite comfy old grey sueude boots for going out in the snow. They aren't smart or stylish, just warm and comfortable. I had a bit of a job retrieving them from the depths of my wardrobe. So what else did I find? Only three chocolate Easter eggs, safely hidden since last Easter! Now I feel I've plumbed the depths of disorganisation.

We had my husband's aged Alzheimer-afflicted Auntie to lunch and tea today. She is so confused, and so repetitive - we all ended up feeling punch-drunk after telling her our summer holiday plans 30 times, and about no.1 son's piano-playing 30 times, and how long we'd lived in Glasgow 30 times, and where I worked ... 30 times at least! It's a cruel illness. She doesn't know she lives in an old folks' home. She doesn't know it's Boxing Day. She doesn't know we all live in Glasgow.

She was ready to go home before tea-time, so we had a cup of tea and a piece of Christmas cake, then she thought it was time for Super-Spouse to take her back home again.
A few weeks ago, she thought HE was her husband, and I was "the other woman". Tricky, that. Last week, it had changed. He is now her little brother. I presume that means it's okay for me to be married to him again!

I ought to get back into research mode tomorrow. Tonight, I am just too darn tired. At least tomorrow is our agreed "lazy day". Hallelujah!

Friday, December 24, 2004

I thought I'd be smart today - I would go to do my supermarket shopping at 6 am, BEFORE I went to work - because last year, it was such an easy way to beat the last-minute Christmas rush.

Aha - I didn't realise that 24-hour Asda had decided to CLOSE between midnight and 6 am every night this week, in the interest of health and safety. The evenings had been such a crush before. (It begs the question what they were like this week, if customers knew they had to be out by midnight, but then, I am not a retailer.)

But before I even got there ... there I was, slumbering peacefully. NUDGE. "Get up, get up -it's 5.45", said my ever-loving spouse. So I did. I got dressed and stumbled towards the light on the other side of the bedroom door. As I passed his side of the bed, I espied his alarm clock. 1.45 am, my friends! I could have killed him.

"You didn't kiss me goodnight when you came back to bed", he said wistfully, at breakfast time. Do you wonder? I just fell into bed, fully-dressed apart from my trousers, and tried to get back to sleep. He's lucky he lived to wake up in the morning, let alone get a goodnight kiss!

So ... I woke at 5 am. And 5.15 am. And 5.30 am. At 5.45 am, it really was time to get up. I found my trousers again, had a quick coffee downstairs, and drove to Asda. There was a queue of between 50 and 100 shoppers with trolleys and/or spouses, waiting to be let in at 6am. I never saw anything like it. Still, I was home again before 7 am. And I shouldn't need to do any more food shopping for a week.

Got to work for 9 am, and finished at noon today. Time for a bit of quiet last-minute shopping, then home via the off-licence, and finally an hour or so spent wrapping presents before the menfolk came home. That was just today. You don't want to hear the saga of my car and its MOT and its very expensive wing-mirrors. (That was yesterday and the day before.)

Yesterday wasn't really my day either, as you'll have deduced. For a start, the replacement glass for the second wing-mirror didn't arrive at the dealer. I had the boys with me, as the childminder wasn't available until the afternoon. So ... we took the car to the garage for its MOT, then got a taxi to work, and the boys watched DVDs all morning. Then we went and collected the car, I took the boys to the childminder, then drove back to the subway and went to finish off my day's work. Such is the life of a Serious Career Mum.

Almost everything is wrapped - just one present to go. Then I have to await Santa's arrival and make sure there's a glass of sherry for him. Excuse me, folks - I need to bake Santa's mince-pies. Can't wrap that last parcel until the last boy is asleep!

Pseudo-Supermum wishes all friends, readers, and blogspot visitors a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Pre-Christmas Parent - handle with care!

Tuesday night was Christmas cake night. What a fiasco! I cooked it for as long as the recipe said. Admittedly, I should have checked it more often, but I did NOT give it any longer than the book demanded.

On Wednesday I examined the corpse. Dead, very dead. Cremated, indeed.

Back to the drawing-board. One friend tells me it's hard to come by Traidcraft Christmas cakes this year. Another swears by Delia Smith. I am about to consult Delia - and I'll have to start all over again on Saturday. Damn!!!

Talking of corpses - I haven't even mentioned the gerbils. "Shadow" had dermatitis around his nose and mouth. £26 and a week later, the vet pronounced herself pleased and surprised by his remarkable recovery. A pity, then, that "Tails" died quietly in the night, having had nothing at all wrong with her! (But at least the one that I spent £26 on is still alive - I suppose I'm grateful for that.)

Friday, December 03, 2004

The crisis "passed". By Saturday morning, the metal ball reappeared in the bathroom, to cries of great jubiliation. "I'm not going to die! The evil spell has gone!"

As our childminder observed, hopefully the episode will have taught no.3 son a lesson. Though I somehow doubt it.

This has been a busy week. A chest virus has caught up with me and wiped me out. Today I stayed at home, and uncharacteristically, stayed in bed. I slept all morning, and read all afternoon. Didn't want to get up to cook tea, but it seemed the right thing to do at the time. I have no energy, and am going to retire to the lounge, to read a bit more before worrying about the bedtime routines.

Glad tidings - Flybe has announced flights from Glasgow to Norwich, starting next June. It will make visiting my family positively easy - I can't wait. We had hoped they might have started after Christmas, but we'll just have to be patient.

Anyway, maybe I'll have had enough rushing around for a while. On Monday I went and did research in Edinburgh. Next week I have a meeting in Dundee - and will do some research there too, after the meeting. I can't pass up the chance to do some research if I'm in the place already!
Then no more rushing to other cities, until 2005.

Late January, I'm visiting a Polish penfriend for a long weekend. I am so much looking forward to that - it will be a real adventure. I have been to Hungary, and to what was East Germany, but never to Poland. I'm just ashamed that I can't speak the language!