Monday, May 31, 2004

A Bank Holiday - time to relax, let your hair down, take things easy ...
Well, to a point.

Saturday morning was the supermarket run. Saturday afternoon was spent on the continuing sorting of Dotty Aunty's flat. The whole family got fed up in 90 minutes flat, when we gave up for the day and went home again! We'll have to ask our babysitter to sit for us so we can go across without the boys next time.

No.3 son had an upset tummy on Saturday night, so the time that was going to be spent being a Serious Researcher, went on keeping the washing machine stoked.

Sunday was pretty much like any other Sunday - church (no.1 son played his cello for the first time) - swimming classes - church for an evening youth service - then home to get the boys to bed. Finally - oh joy, what Pseudo-Supermum could resist the chance to shampoo the sick-stained lounge carpet at the end of the night. (On Saturday I'd done my best with the carpet. On Sunday morning in the harsh light of morning, I thought it looked stained. More so than usual, that is. By Sunday night, under electric light, I couldn't see the specific stains that I thought I noticed earlier, but it needed cleaning anyway. I filled the tank twice, and by the time I'd finished it did look more acceptable. And bang went any time for being a Serious Researcher. Again.

Monday, ah, the Bank Holiday proper at last! What can we do to make it fun for the boys? Let's get friends round. One for no.2 son. Last night no.1 son's best school friend agreed to come across then five minutes later said he didn't want to after all. Devastated no.1 son. Not to worry, we have another good friend (not from the same school) who did turn out to be free, so he came across after lunch. Mental note - home-made pizza goes down very well, so long as you have three hours clear in which to make it. I washed two cars and tidied the garden while I waited for the bread-machine, and then for the dough to prove. No.3 son was a little pest because we couldn't think of a little friend to invite round to keep him company. Shame!

Now the friends have all gone home, and Super Spouse has taken no.1 son to the pictures. Won't the fickle school-friend be mad to think he might have been able to go too?

So all I have to do is supervise a Grand Tidy Up, cello practice, two hairwashes - and then I can try (again) to be a Serious Researcher for an hour or two.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Eye-strain! Regular doses of paracetamol made Thursday's headache go away after 24 hours. Result? I was left feeling deflated and TIRED. Exhausted, more like.

Pseudo-Supermum didn't do the supermarket run. I put two loads of washing through, sorted out my bibliography, and fiddled about playing organ music on the piano. And wondering which piano music would fit the organ. The latter got me nowhere. I wanted something loud and triumphant for the choir to process in with tomorrow morning. Nearly all my music is at church, and nothing at home was going to be suitable.

Pseudo-Supermum's no.1 son will be making his debut as a cellist at church. Just for 45 seconds, but it's a start. Here's hoping it goes okay!

I have a load of phone-calls to make. Other Ersatz Supermums will understand - arrange a babysitter here, a housesitter there, a sleepover THEN, a trip out at a different time, and find out whether Friend of Son no.2 is allowed to have one of our baby gerbils. Because by this time next week, we must have given them away.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Pseudo Supermum is not alone - there are "bad mothers" - or people who think they are - all over the place. You can visit the Bad Mothers Club website by clicking the link above.

Got home from work yesterday to find I was a Bad Mother yet again. No.3 son's shoes needed stitching done to them, earlier this year. I did it. Next time the stitching went (last half-term), we went to the cobbler and got it done properly. Last Friday Super Spouse told me the stitching had come undone again. Hmmmm.

Saturday was busy. Sunday I played at church, took boys swimming in the afternoon, tore home for tea then went out to play at an old folks' home with the choir. No time to go and buy new shoes.Monday evening, Super Spouse was out. No way of going to get new shoes. Last night, therefore, shoes were imperative - for no.3 son would not be allowed to wear the old tatty ones to school today. Said Super Spouse.

Also - horror! no.1 son had a PATCH on his knee. (Yes, I did it. It was better than wearing school trousers with a hole in them, and that is why school trouser manufacturers supply two patches per pair. Surely?) That was thoroughly reprehensible for a Pseudo Supermum. Good thing I'm now a signed up member of the Bad Mothers Club, isn't it?

I'm a bad worker, too. I was grumbling that it was taking hours to load a whole lot of info onto the work website. Well, you'll have to go faster, I was told. Actually, it's because I had created nearly four times as much info, that it was taking me a little longer than my colleague to load my share up onto the website. Go faster? Aw shucks, what I should have done is created less info in the first place. You can't win. All that keyboarding gave me one hell of a headache.

Came home with the headache. STOP holding your head, dear. It looks stupid. Oh, sorry. It just hurts.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Sometimes things get better, sometimes worse. On Tuesday we had an attempted break-in. Super Spouse arrived home just as the burglar alarm went off. Thumping sounds round the back of the house confirmed his suspicions. He tore through the house to see a man smashing our dining-room window with our garden table. He'd tried the kitchen window already unsuccessfully, had smashed the outer layer of the double-glazing in the dining room but was having difficulty with the inner pane - the one which would have got him INTO the house. Hubby yelled, the cretin shrugged and mouthed "Sorry" and loped off into - well, God knows where. He disappeared up the street and by the time the Police came, he was no-where to be seen.

So Super Spouse had the insurance people to ring, the double-glazing firm to call-out, and so on - God, what a nightmare. Yes, we were very lucky - I do see that. Super Spouse had two things to do on the way home from the school run. What a good thing he decided only to run the first errand, or he'd have arrived home to a burgled house. And only an hour earlier, I had looked at a new bank card that I'd left on the table, then decided not to leave it there but to take it to work with me. It could so, so easily have ended differently.

We feel a lot less secure now. The knowledge that it was so nearly a catastrophe ...

Yesterday I played the piano at a Boys' Brigade closing ceremony. It was an impressive evening - I just hadn't realised it would take THREE WHOLE HOURS. Super Spouse simply couldn't believe I had been at church all that time. I HADN'T left my phone on - for it to have rung would have been sheer bad manners - and I didn't want to sidle outside to use it. (I was conspicuously at the front of the hall.) I got home to find myself well and truly in the doghouse. Clearly a reckless and irresponsible totally un-supermum. You'd have thought I had been with another man, not a whole hall-full of adolescent boys in blue uniforms!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Monday to a meeting in London. All the way from Glasgow - I won't comment on how it went, but it was a very long day by the time I got home again.

Tuesday by rail to Perth for private research. I didn't find out much, but it was an enjoyably peaceful day.

Wednesday - if it was Wednesday, it was Glasgow again. Busy, busy, busy catching up. If someone requests some music to be acquired by the library, the request MUST be processed same day. When the music arrives, it MUST be catalogued the same day. Why not the same rules for the other stuff?!

Thursday, and things got worse. Super-Spouse had to have a tooth extracted, and sprained his ankle on the way. I've been as sympathetic as I know how, but my version of sympathy isn't good enough. I wish I could find the script for "The Ideal Sympathetic Spouse", then I wouldn't fail so miserably every time.

Meanwhile Pseudo Supermum sat at work wondering why the areas of influence that used to be hers keep getting taken off her. I work hard, I'm intelligent and capable, I'm not incompetent, I don't slack on the job. So why do I find myself constantly sidelined?

Got home to be found Wanting in the Sympathy Stakes.

Had tea, got ready for choir practice and set forth. A blooming Brownie Mum gazumped me into a parking space outside church. I had tried to get into a space, decided my parking wasn't neat enough, pulled forward, put the car into reverse - which meant the reverse lights were on - and turned the wheels for my manoevre. And this Dreadful Mother calmly nipped into the space I was clearly reversing into. Stupid woman! Stupidissimo!

Plainly, it doesn't have to be FRIDAY the thirteenth to be a bad day.

Why has Pseudo Supermum barely mentioned the boys? Because they were just their sweet normal selves, loving and quite understanding. They're cute when they aren't bickering!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Pseudo-Supermum had a DAY OFF. Well, a day out of my annual leave entitlement, to be honest. I had to wait in for a delivery - but I put in some time reading a book of essays in connection with my research, so it wasn't a wasted day. And made a huge pot of curry sauce so that we could have prawn curry for tea. (I made a double quantity, and froze the other half - never cook if you can't make the cooking session provide for two meals!)

Before tea, we took Son no.3 to the doctor about his alopecia. The doctor doesn't seem too bothered - says it doesn't look like alopecia totalis (thank heavens!). It's alarming enough for me. I'm so proud of that little boy's gorgeous auburn-brown hair - it's thick and shiny, and (okay, I'm biased) he's such an appealing kid. I couldn't bear it if we had to go for a short, shaved style. Well, we have lotion to put on the "thin patch", and here's hoping it works. Pray, please!

Tea over, we got ready for our respective choir practices. Super-Spouse had a call to say that the organist of his neighbouring church wouldn't be out for their joint choir practice. I guess SS has had a busy evening, if he had to conduct TWO choirs and play the piano all at once. They're doing a joint concert in a month's time. Here's hoping the other chap gets well soon!
Meanwhile my lot got to grips with a l-o-n-g (and difficult) chorus. I wonder what it'll sound like when the congregation joins in .....???

Then we tried my choral arrangement of a Scottish tune that one of my work colleagues wrote. It's going to sound good!

Right, it's time I put the kettle on.

Take a look at my eBay postings - search under Union Jack Tea-cosy, and Tartan Tea-cosy. I'm mad, I admit it!