Friday, December 26, 2003

Hey, have you come across audio-blogs yet?! Click on the audio post below. I've posted a short Christmas message to say hello to all my friends. I'd love to be able to phone all the people with whom I correspond on a regular basis, but I don't think I'd be able to afford it!, let alone organise my time across Canadian, American, European, New Zealand and Australian time bands!

So, Pseudo Supermum has survived Christmas. This morning I woke up with pins and needles in both arms, aching and feeling as though I'd been run over by a tractor. Must just be in reaction to the past demented month!

Having woken up (for the fifth time) at 11 am this morning, I now feel quite awake - even though it's nearly midnight. I'd better be sensible (who, me?) and think about winding down for the night.

Everyone's well, healthy and happy - who could ask for more?
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Pseudo-Supermum barely has time to write a haiku tonight, let alone a whole paragraph! Indeed, I don't know if I can still string a sentence together.

There's too much on! Too many events, concerts, parties, carol-services, rehearsals ... and definitely too many Christmas cards and gifts to deal with!

We got our cards written. Mine went off last week, His this week, and the boys wrote theirs on Tuesday evening. True to form, Mr Super-Efficient whizzed through a whole class-ful of cards in the time Mr Artistic lovingly crafted four beautifully hand-drawn cards, whilst Mr Instant Gratification sat and jiggled whilst Mum "made" cards (recycling last years' best, mounted on plain card) for him to sign. Of course, this means Mr Artistic still has quite a lot more to design, and Mr I.G. decided that "making" cards was so much fun that he needed to do some more. There just hasn't been time since Tuesday.

Last year I did my week-before-Christmas supermarket run at 2 am in Asda. I thought it would be quiet. The place was humming! Worse still, the shelves hadn't been filled because even at midnight, the queues were so long that the shelf-stackers couldn't get in to stack.

This Saturday, I shall go at 6 am. There won't be any kids, guaranteed. I already have the turkey in the freezer, so I won't be looking for anything that's likely to be in short supply!

No.1 son observed that I must be stressed out - my day-at-a-time calendar was nine days out of date! I'm comforted that my penfriends must all be in the same boat, as the number of my "welcome" emails has decreased significantly. I wish the spammers would take a Christmas break too!

Monday, December 15, 2003

In which Noble Spouse does battle with the breakdown insurance firm and wins...

Would you believe it? The breakdown company voided his insurance when he changed car last year. And then refused to admit any fault, and insisted it would take 48 hours to reinstate it. Oh no, said my hero. I'll stay on this phone until you get me someone with enough authority to put this mess right. No way am I waiting 48 hours before someone will take my car to the garage for me!

And it came to pass, that someone in authority did sort it out, gave him a year's free breakdown cover, and the car is now awaiting repair in the garage.

Noble Spouse won heaps of brownie points with mother-in-law, who thoroughly approved of his triumphant battle!

It hasn't been his day. Not only the car annoyances, but having to visit Auntie by bus(es) to find where she had mislaid her money and keys. And then back to collect the boys from the childminder.

We were all going to go to the panto tonight. Well, I and the big two went. Littl'un and Daddy stayed behind, grateful for a few hours' peace. We returned home very late, happy, and with the boys high as kites. Hard to tell where the caffeinated coca cola stopped and the panto excitement started!

And here endeth today, hoping tomorrow is a little easier. We have the Final Primary One nativity play to enjoy tomorrow afternoon. I hope we both manage to get there! And then Littl'un wants to go to wish his old nursery a happy Christmas. It has taken four and half months for him to want to go back there at all!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Where has the time gone? Oh yes, it's December - that explains everything. December is the month when already busy mums try to squeeze two months' worth of activities into one action-packed month.

Yesterday (Saturday), Noble Spouse's clutch cable snapped. I became the family taxi for the weekend. I notched up FIVE return trips to Paisley and one to Glasgow city centre yesterday. Two trips to Bearsden and another trip to Paisley today. I've done all the mundane multiple laundry loads, baked the Christmas cake, "baked" bread (thanks to the bread-machine), made pies, puddings and gingerbread, written Christmas cards and practised the organ.

So here I am, at 11 pm, as hyper as a helium-filled balloon and just as likely to go fizzing up into the hemisphere! Quick, find me a glass of wine and some soothing music!

Things could have been worse. The clutch cable could have snapped next weekend, when we have a Sunday School party, bigger kids' Sunday school outing, two choir practices and two choir carol concerts to add to the usual recipe of commitments and obligations!

I'm off. I can't concentrate any longer, and the washing machine needs emptying yet again.

Fizz! Wheeee! She's finally lost the place!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Computers! Noble Spouse has a friend upstairs trying to unravel what is wrong with his computer. I had a problem with my music-writing software last night, and my call to the help-desk today didn't help. I suggested what I might try, and he agreed - once he agreed that the edition of software I had, did exist! Anyway, it is okay at present so fingers crossed. Before 3 pm this afternoon, the system at work crashed, so that messed up the rest of the working day, and then when I took no.1 son for his piano lesson, my car wouldn't start to get us home again and we had to wait an hour and a half for the breakdown man.

It must be a weakness of mine - I always end up wanting to hug the breakdown man! Not that he was the most handsome thing on two legs - Noble Spouse is more so - just that I feel so pathetically grateful when my car is put back on its feet again! Only this time, I shall have to go an buy a new battery first thing tomorrow, assuming I get the car started. Ah well, I didn't have any call-outs last year, so that's not bad going.

No.1 son therefore got home SO very late that he couldn't do any cello practice or homework. I'll have to write a letter to his teacher to explain that it's all my fault. Bad Mum!!

No.2 son has molluscum contagiosum, and boy is his leg spotty - covered in the rash! No way can he go swimming at the weekend, and no way can he wear shorts for PE next week - he'll have to wear jogpants all day. Poor little soul!

No.3 son is fine. We adults have a touch of the same cold that felled the littlies last weekend, but it isn't so bad for us, so that's a relief.

You know, I could really enjoy a little glass of wine, when Noble Spouse and friend finish sorting out his computer!