Friday, August 22, 2003

School began yesterday, and we now have three schoolboys. There was, however, a complaint from the youngest. "We didn't do writing!" To which I replied that it gave him a good reason to go back again today!

He looked very sweet in his navy blue uniform polo shirt and sweatshirt. Too bad that everyone else had on their uniform white shirt and tie! Today he is wearing those instead. She-Who-Knows (my mother) advised that I shouldn't give in to him, and should keep him wearing the polo shirt. But why? We have both. If he wants to look like the rest, is that such a crime? For heaven's sake, we're talking about regulation school uniform not designer trainers!

We went to buy a cheap Ikea computer desk for our oldest son yesterday afternoon. When I got home I found I'd lost the ruby out of my engagement ring. I'm mad at myself - I probably knocked it out while manhandling the flat-pack off the shelf to the trolley, or the trolley to the car. I went back and looked again, but there wasn't much hope of finding something measuring no more than 1.5 mm (max!) across. Today I shall go to the jewellers and get a quote for replacing the ruby and repairing the claw.

Last night my colleague came to collect Maisie the Russian dwarf hamster after her holidays (the colleague's, not the hamsters). Due to a series of misunderstandings as to who was actually looking after her, Maisie started her own vacation in one hamster-loving household, then came to mine, then back to the first while we visited my parents, and finally back to us again. A much-travelled hamster! We'll miss her, but at least our own doesn't pee his bed every night!

Back to work for me on Monday. Before then I have to do all the odd tasks I haven't managed to do all summer! Like clean the windows, shampoo a couple of carpets, take films to be developed, buy birthday presents for my brother and his fiancee and a present for their beautiful new daughter ... I might draw breath by midnight!

Maybe I should clean a window or two before I take the new schoolboy for his second school day. (Day? The first two "days" are each just an hour long. Hardly worth going for!!)

Friday, August 01, 2003

It's an epic week in the life of of a working supermum - my youngest son has graduated from being a "nursery boy" to a "nearly schoolboy". He's puffed up with pride at his elevated status - no more travelling to the nursery with Mum every day. Instead, he's getting to know his future "after-school" childminder and having a whale of a time with his big brothers. Oh boy, oh joy!

Had a tantrum yesterday, all the same. "Big boys don't use booster seats in the car", he told my husband. He took some convincing that the prerequisite for abandoning the booster seat was an increase in height!

Meanwhile, Pseudo Supermum has to get used to travelling to work alone every day. My colleagues are taking bets on how long it will be before I accidentally ring the nursery doorbell to collect my son in the time-honoured fashion! My car is now occupied by a small cuddly teddy in school uniform, as a substitute for the small cuddly boy who sat in the front passenger seat only a couple of weeks ago!

I get to work earlier - can't set out later or I'll get caught up in the rush-hour traffic. I get home a little earlier. And I can listen to the radio to my heart's content. But I do miss the conversation! (Mind you, one thing I won't miss is his earnest inspection of the daily lunchbox to make sure that "the ladies" will approve of it! School dinner-ladies aren't that concerned!)

Only three weeks before school starts again - so I suppose it's time for me to start another of my Grand Lists to make sure I haven't forgotten anything!